Why Would I Have a Hormone Imbalance?
April 6, 2015

Our hormones control a large part of us. Steroid hormones can even make genetic changes or alterations to certain parts of our body. Progesterone and Estrogens are steroid hormones and as we have discussed in previous pages they each have a very unique and sometimes opposite effect in our body. But there is another factor that many of our ancestors never had to face that we are bombarded with today. Synthetic hormones and chemicals that act just like a synthetic hormone in the body.

Chemical or synthetic hormones are disruptors to the normal and natural female hormone function. Where are these chemical and synthetic hormone-like molecules coming from, you might wonder? And how do they act like a hormone?

Our bodies have what are called hormone receptors. This is the place where a hormone plugs in so it can be used by the body.

When a foreign molecule (or one that is not biologically identical) plugs into the a receptor, not only can it block the natural hormone molecules from doing their normal jobs, but it can also create imbalances and thus the side-effects that go with that imbalance.

Unfortunately our modern day environment is the primary source of these hormone-like chemicals that are similar enough to estrogen that they are able to plug into estrogen receptors and cause all sorts of side-effects.

Here are some of the leading sources of these chemicals and synthetic hormones.

  • Plastic- the plastic molecule is estrogenic in the body and will plug into our hormone receptor sites and not only block our natural hormone from assimilation but have an estrogenic effect on our hormone balance. We have reusable plastic in our everyday lives and almost every type of it either instantly or over time, will letch into whatever substance we have in it. This can significantly affect our hormone balance.
  • Mineral oil is also estrogenic in the body and is called a petro chemical. It is being processed from petroleum and is a chemical that has been newly introduced to our beauty care within the last 75 years. It is the base oil of almost every single commercial and even some ‘natural’ lotions, body butters, liquid foundations, popery, hair care, perfumes, fragranced bathroom supplies, personal care, candles, plugins, car air fresheners and more. Could you have some of these items in your life? You can be throwing your hormone balance off without even realizing it.
  • All commercial Meat, Dairy and Eggs that aren’t labeled as being Never fed or 100% hormone free, 100% grass fed, 100% cage free, or certified organic are full of synthetic estrogens. They are not only fed high amounts of synthetic estrogen but in many cases are also injected with the hormone in addition to what they eat in the feed. The word natural has lost almost all its meaning in the food industry unfortunately. Eating more plant proteins, reading labels, researching reputable companies as well as trying to utilize local small farms should be a very important part of your food regimen.

When you think about switching to hormone-free animal products, you may not feel that overwhelmed, because they are usually pretty clearly labeled, with the exception of what you eat in restaurants.

However, it can get tricky when it comes to the huge array of products that go under the heading of fragrance/home/personal care. I don’t want to make you feel hopeless, however, it is clear that getting balanced is a process and a lifestyle change.

We want to help. We have composed a page at ********* that has a list of the most commonly used chemicals. You can print it out and take it to the store with you, as a guide for choosing products that will not imbalance your hormones! We have also expanded our product support line and are now offering %100 natural and safe home and personal care products.<YLJ> We also have a line of organic, biodegradable feminine hygiene care and baby wipes.

There is great benefit in using supplemental, bio identical progesterone to balance your hormones and help prevent estrogen dominance. Remember, since it’s the master hormone, progesterone, when utilized in the proper time of the month and at the correct amount, can block estrogens from the receptor sites and aid in balancing estrogen dominance.

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