When to Use elan organics

All Women

elan Organics should be applied to the supple, thin skin areas of the body, i.e., Face, Neck, Palms, ankles, inner arms (it’s ok to rotate sites)

Apply 1/8th teaspoon cream approximately every 12 hours to different areas of “freshly bathed” skin, according to your menstrual status in one of these tabs. Net yield = 28-30 mg/day.

Isn’t more progesterone better? Read this

Puberty to Menopause

The day your period begins is counted as Day 1 of your menstrual month.

Only apply progesterone cream days 14-28, of your menstrual month (the natural progesterone phase of your cycle)

Apply 1/8th teaspoon cream approximately every 12 hours to different areas of “freshly bathed” skin.

If your period begins again before Day 28, stop using the cream and count that day as Day 1 of your next monthly cycle.  If your period begins before day 28, stop using the cream and count that day as Day 1.

The optimal time to start using your cream, is the evening of the day of ovulation, normally day 13 or 14.This also applies to monthly cycles less than 28 days.

Your goal is to achieve a normal 28 day cycle.

Please see Environmental Estrogens.

Age 50+ or Hysterectomy

Apply 1/8th teaspoon to freshly bathed skin every 12 hours, days 25-26 consecutive days each month.

Discontinue for 5-6 days.

Using elan Organics will not restart your menstrual cycle, as menopause is marked by the release of your last egg.

Libido (All Women)

Testosterone is the source of libido in women.  The female body makes testosterone from Progesterone.

Apply 1/8th teaspoon cream approximately every 12 hours according to your menstrual status.

How do I correct my progesterone deficiency?


Apply 1/8th teaspoon cream approximately every 12 hours according to the Pre-Menopause directions.

If you get pregnant, continue to use an increasing amount of elan Organics through week 18 of pregnancy.  At that time the placenta should assume production of progesterone.

Gradually & uniformly increase from 1/8th teaspoon twice daily to 1/2 teaspoon twice daily during week 18.

Progesterone is the pro-gestational hormone and necessary for conception, full-term pregnancy.

British gynecologist, Dr Katharina Dalton, summarized in her extensive 1968 research that the babies of mothers who had supplemented with natural progesterone during their pregnancies tended to have improved mental and physical attributes than those of mothers who did not.

*note: This suggested increase in the amount of progesterone only applies to women who are pregnant, not women who are excessively estrogen domain/progesterone deficient.


The use of topical progesterone in all women stimulates osteoblast cell activity, which results in new bone tissue growth.

Most osteoporosis sufferers will be menopausal and should use 1/8th teaspoon mornings and 1/8th teaspoon at bedtime for 25-26 days of the month and then discontinue for 5-6 days.

In the U.S., bone loss begins, on average, at age 37.

(avoid fluoride and maintain optimal levels of key minerals, especially calcium and vitamin K2)

Hot Flashes

At the onset of a hot flash apply a small amount of elan Organics on the inside of each wrist.

Why do I have hot flashes?

Achieve Best Results

The use of a optimally formulated progesterone cream is one of the most important choices for all women living in the industrialized world.

However, it is vital to identify and avoid the environmental chemical responsible for hormone dysfunction.  The information you need to achieve a safe, healthy balance of your primary hormones is here.

Can I use too much progesterone? Absolutely, yes! Here is why.

1/8th teaspoon (the amount dispensed by the Airless Compression Jar) contains 14-15 mg. of USP, American-Made progesterone

Is that enough to balance too much estrogen?

At the onset of using Natural Progesterone Cream a very small percent of women may initially experience an increase in symptoms. This is due to the natural progesterone “waking up” estrogen receptor sites, not a reaction to progesterone (all hormones plug in to receptor sites, the same way a key plugs into a lock).

If experienced, simply reduce the amount of cream to a level that is comfortable for you, and gradually return to a normal dose, perhaps over a 3-10 day time.  This condition is only temporary. As your body adjusts the re-introduction of your “Master” hormone, you will achieve an optimal balance and the symptoms caused by oestrogen dominance will ameliorate, as well as the risk factors from too much estrogen unique to women.

It is also vitally important to identify and avoid all environmental estrogens, as they interfere with the production and utilization of your body’s natural hormones!

There are no reported short or long term side effects to using elan Body-Identical Progesterone Cream. – Too much estrogen, however, can cause irregular cycles and retention of old blood, leading to endometriosis, not to mention increasing your risk for female-specific cancers.

Because Natural Progesterone has a normalizing effect on the menstrual cycle, it can initially promote the shedding of old blood. This shedding is very desirable as stored blood can increase the risk of endometriosis & endometrial cancer.

If you have experienced the above and decided to discontinue the use of a proper progesterone cream formula, this is the time to evaluate the long-term consequences of “estrogen dominance” and compare to the myriad of benefits furnished by Body-Identical Progesterone.

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