What is Progesterone?

What is Progesterone?

If you were to ask, most women are not aware of the many, remarkable roles of their most important hormone, progesterone.  And, wouldn’t you agree, online research  can make you can feel  confused?

We hear you.  So, we have asked our Chief Clinician to share his insights. Based on 40 years of research, 22 years of clinical experience with women in almost 200 countries and more than 17,000 telephone consultations, here are his insights on this vital hormone in women, progesterone:

Progesterone is the master female hormone, produced primarily by the ovaries and in a smaller amount by the adrenal glands. As the master hormone, it is the one necessary for the production of many other hormones, two of the really significant ones are, estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone, among it’s other roles, is responsible for libido in both men and women!

Progesterone is also the pro-gestation hormone, making it necessary for a successful conception and full-term pregnancy.

In 1968, British gynecologist, Dr. Katharina Dalton, carried out extensive research with progesterone.  She found that the babies of mothers who had supplemented with natural progesterone during their pregnancies, showed improved mental and physical attributes over the children of those of mothers who did not supplement with progesterone. She also showed that pre-pregnancy toxemia was not present in these supplementing mothers, whereas 50% of the control group experienced toxemia. Her research confirmed the beneficial effect of natural progesterone supplementation before, during and after pregnancy.

The role of progesterone in stimulating osteoblast cell activity has been clearly established.  Osteoblast cells are the “carpenters” that build new bone tissue.  Used in combination with a premium mineral supplement containing calcium and the needed cofactors and meticulously avoiding sodium fluoride, results in women enjoying strong bones for life.

If you are a woman under the age of 50 and have not had a hysterectomy, and your progesterone levels drop any time during the 2 weeks before your period begins, you will experience some of the 150+ symptoms of PMT.

If menopause is in your future, or your presence, maintaining optimal progesterone levels not only helps manage flushes & sweats, but also reduces one’s risk for stroke, heart disease and female-specific cancers

The role of progesterone does not stop here.  Science tells us that the human brain has a large number of progesterone receptors (receptor sites are where a hormone plugs in and accomplishes its mission).  Currently, we do not know all the ways progesterone benefits your brain, however, there are some interesting studies showing how progesterone has helped accelerate the recovery of ones who have experienced brain trauma.

Finally, when American-made progesterone is married to an all plant-based, GMO-free, Chinese progesterone-free, premium quality cream, it proves to be one that you can use safely and with confidence that you have the best progesterone cream on earth!

How can progesterone benefit your personal journey in life?  See “Why I Need Progesterone?

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