Overview: Progesterone

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What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is the single most important hormone in a woman’s body.  It is vital for the health of every organ, including your brain, and is used by the body to make other important hormones.  It is released from a woman’s ovaries at ovulation & in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands on day 14 of her menstrual month.  A menstruating woman will typically produce about 22-25 mg of progesterone per day during the progesterone phase of her menstrual cycle (days 14-28).

If pregnancy does not take place, a drop in progesterone around day 28 will trigger the lining to shed (start of menstrual cycle or day 1).  If pregnancy does occur, progesterone levels will continue to increase uniformly to 350-400 mg/day during the third tri-mester.  When the pregnancy has gone full-term, progesterone levels will drop to 0 mg/day, triggering the birth of a healthy baby.  This is a time when many women experience “postpartum-depression”.

If a woman fails to make sufficient progesterone cream during the progesterone phase of the month, she will struggle with some of the symptoms of PMS, infertility and, in some instances, PMDD.

What Role Does Progesterone Cream Play?

When progesterone is applied topically, the liver cannot process it, resulting in 97-100% of the progesterone being delivered to target tissues.  Cycling women enjoy a “PMS-free” life and menopausal women are hormonally supported in their quest for optimal health, free from hot flashes, night sweats, loss of bone density.

A properly formulated bio-identical progesterone is made from GMO-free wild yams or soybeans.  Although progesterone is extracted from soy, the end result is a highly purified, biologically identical hormone, one completely free of any remnants of soy substances.   You may have an allergy to soy, but will not respond to progesterone, as there are no traces of soy.

Bio-identical progesterone is molecularly the same as what is produced by the woman’s body. It is made from naturally occurring plant components found  in abundance in yam or soy.   More than 5,000 plants contain this plant component.  Although frequently confused, it is not the synthetic version that is commonly dispensed by  prescription e.g., Provera.

These synthetic chemicals interfere with a woman’s natural hormone production and normal glandular function, i.e., thyroid and will suppress the body’s production of natural progesterone.

Based on 37 years of use and clinical observation by Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Ray Peat and Dr. John Lee, side effects have been shown to be extremely rare with natural progesterone in a plant-based cream, free of petroleums and Chinese progesterone.  Since progesterone is a primary hormone that regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle, it is important for a cycling woman to only use a biologically identical progesterone in a plant based cream during the progesterone phase of the month (days 14-28).  Women who have achieved menopause may use the cream 25-26 days/month, observing a 5-6 day “time-out”.

What are the sources of these foreign hormones or xeno-estrogens?

  • Meat & Dairy that contain growth hormones –Farmers feed growth hormones to their animals, as the net increase in profits is substantial. So, when choosing meat or dairy, make certain the label says “hormone-free; antibiotic-free”. Better yet, “Free-Range, Grass-Fed” is more sustainable and better for your health.  Sustainable and local grown will be of greatest benefit to your health.
  • Personal Care Products that contain petroleum derivatives –Petroleum derivatives (petro-chemicals) are used in most personal care/cleaning products.  When they enter the human body, they act like synthetic estrogens, wreaking havoc on your efforts to achieve optimal hormone balance.
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Prescription Progesterone pills

Synthetic progesterones usually called progestins, (medroxy-progesterone), often cause many undesirable side-effects including increased risk of cancer, abnormal menstrual flow, fluid retention, nausea, depression, PMS, PMT and may even increase your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Make sure that the label on all of your personal care products reads:

“All Plant-Based” or “Petro-Chemical-Free”


This clear distinction will furnish vital information for the unwanted effects of low or no progesterone relative too much estrogen (Estrogen  Dominance) & the subsequent unpleasant symptoms associated with Menopause, PMS, and the conditions of infertility &  osteoporosis.

Other major concerns, including

have also been shown to be caused or, at the very least, contributed to by an imbalance of  hormones.

Distinguishing safe and natural hormones from those that are foreign and synthetic will allow women to make informed choices that will benefit future health and quality of life.

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